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Do You Know What Size Bowl I Should Be Playing With?

Drakes Pride Professional Bowl (Coloured) - black harlequin

We have already mentioned the various makes and models of Bowls and the bias, but what is the right size? With respect this is more of an issue for the beginner rather than the established Bowler as being completely new to the game they have no idea about the various biases, weights and sizes. 99.9% […]

Are Minimum Bias Bowls Ruining the Game?

Drakes Pride

Are the minimum bias bowls killing the outdoor game? This is the debate that probably rumbles through every Clubhouse in the County, but what is the solution, or indeed should there be one? Lets start at the beginning. Although firing is part of the game, bowls is generally a game of skill where that main […]

How to Choose the Right Bowls Carpet and Care for It

Electrowind - Electric Short mat and carpet bowls mat storage machine

Choosing the right carpet for your bowls club We supply eight styles of carpet for both Short Mat and Carpet Bowls. All of our bowls carpets range in speed and can be manufactured to specific lengths and widths. Before purchasing a new carpet for your club, read our top tips below and ensure you choose the right mat […]