Bowls Clothing – What To Wear

Bowls Clothing

Playing Bowls provides enjoyment, exercise, and social interaction but having the right bowls clothing can make bowling much more comfortable, particularly outdoors. Here we look at some of the essentials of bowls clothing for lawn bowls and indoor bowls. 

Bowls Shoes 

Bowls shoes are essential for comfort and grip. Mens and womens bowls shoes come in several styles including trainer, moccasin, and woven upper styles. For performance, style, and durability many bowlers choose bowls footwear styles from trusted brands including Henselite, Drakes Pride, and Taylor. 

Bowls Shoes

Bowls Shirts and Blouses 

Flexibility and comfort are vital in lawn bowls. Choosing mens bowls shirts and ladies bowls blouses, wind shirts, and wind vests made from breathable, yet warm and showerproof material is important. Wind vest styles for lawn bowls, made from high tech materials can keep light rain and wind at bay, while open V-neck and polo styles can work well in warmer weather. Once again, choosing trusted brands such as Drakes Pride, Emsmorn, Henselite, or Taylor bowls shirts or blouses can be a wise move. 

Henselite Britannia Gents Polo

Bowls Waterproofs 

Most regular lawn green bowls players will tell you that bowls waterproofs are important clothing items, certainly for April and May, and for August and September at the end of the season. With the UK weather, there is also the chance that heavy showers can strike at almost any time of the year! Mens bowls waterproofs and ladies bowls waterproofs are a convenient and practical way to ensure that matches can continue, and bowlers can stay comfortable and dry. Bowls waterproof jackets and trousers tend to be made from breathable materials and are also available in unisex styles (trousers). Top brands for bowls waterproofs include Drakes Pride, Henselite, and Emsmorn. 

unisex superstorm trousers

Bowls Trousers and Shorts 

In the cooler weather or to protect legs from the weather (sun or wind/rain) long trousers for bowls are a popular choice. Bowls trousers are available with elasticated waist and drawcord or in button fastening with belt loops. Today’s bowls trousers are made with light, and flexible fabrics such as Teflon coated bi-stretch polyester or durable polyester knit for comfort. Bowls shorts are a popular option in the warmer weather for both men and ladies. Many players prefer to choose quality bowls trousers and shorts from trusted brands like Drakes Pride, Emsmorn, Henselite, and Taylors.

Emsmorn Mens White Trousers

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