Choosing Comfortable Bowls Shoes

Drakes Pride Ladies Ariel Shoe

Look After Your Feet and They Will Look After You

How many times have you seen a woman come home from a long shopping trip complaining that either her feet, back or knees are killing her?

How many men have you seen complain of the same after a 3 or 4 hour Bowls match?

A selection of bowls shoes

The majority of people will put this down to old age but it is an unknown fact for many that regardless of where or how far you walk every time you put your down a degree of vibration is sent up through your heels into your ankles then on to your knees and finally your back. This happens because there is little or in most cases no shock absorbency in the sole unit of your shoes.

This has definitely been the case with Bowls shoes until now. Bowls has been one of the only sports that hasn’t had trainers as footwear which when you consider the yardage covered and time spent on your feet is amazing.

I know there will be the stalwarts and with respect the older generation who will question the idea of wearing trainers, but at the end of the day it’s all about comfort – not cosmetics.

There are now some very good Bowls trainers on the market and the Henselite range of bowls shoes is probably one of the best. Yes they are slightly more expensive than most but the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is definitely the case here. You will always be told what extra you are getting for your money but it is not always easy to see it – but you can with the Henselite range. From the MPS40 (or LPS40 for ladies)  to the Prosport each shoe has a shock absorbing pad built into the insole and comes with a good sponge mid sole for extra comfort. Apart from the MPS40 all the shoes come with a complete leather upper and strong heel counters for extra stability and the non-slip soles complete the range. All in all they will make playing Bowls a more comfortable experience.

Choosing the right colour Bowls Shoe

While on the subject of Bowls footwear I would like to mention colour. Firstly “Brown”. The powers that be must have had a few sherries in the pub when they decided brown goes with grey and white trousers or skirts. It is so yesterday and goes with nothing.

Grey Is okay as it goes with grey trousers (not white) and is fairly popular with “Short Mat Bowlers”. But if you want to cover all formats of the game “WHITE” is the way to go and will save you from buying two pairs.

And just in case there are still any of the “Brown” fan brigade out there trainers DO NOT and WILL NOT come in Brown. Full stop!

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