How Do I Choose The Best Bowls Bag For Me?

Drakes Pride Mini Bowls Bag - Red

Choose The Best Bowls Bag For Your Needs

They come in various shapes and sizes but do they all do the same job?

In theory yes; they will all carry your Bowls, but not all will carry your shoes or wet weather gear. Price is always important too but be careful – if you don’t get it right from the start you will end up buying two bowls bags and therefore spending more than you needed to.

Before buying a Bowls bag work out what you are going to put in it other than Bowls. Too many people go for a cheaper bag which in most cases will just hold your Bowls. This is fine if you want it just for your Bowls and don’t mind carrying your shoes or you have a locker at your Club to put it in. However, this won’t suit everyone.

How to choose the most suitable bowls bag

What Are My Options?

There are the ‘Mini Bags’ which will carry the Bowls and maybe a pair of shoes providing you have size 7 shoes or smaller. So you can fit your Bowls in and your shoes but then realise you will be playing outdoors in the Summer and will need to fit your waterproofs in as well as a jacket etc. So the Mini bag that works in the Winter is now not big enough for all your kit in the Summer.

The days of the ‘Maxi bag’ or bigger have nearly come to an end because the ‘Trolley Bags’ have taken over, and at the end of the day when you have a lot of gear to carry which can weigh a fair bit why carry it when you can pull it which is a lot easier? There is also the distance from car to green factor. There are a lot of Clubs who do not have parking immediately on their door step and so you may have to park further away, and depending how far that is you may find it an exhausting experience if you are carrying your bag.

One thing that is generally always mentioned when viewing trolley bags is the general weight before they put anything in it. Remember you are not carrying it so weight is not as important. Secondly if the trolley bag is fairly light then the material used must also be fairly light and therefore possibly less durable, so unless it is made from carbon fibre to reduce the weight make sure it is sturdy and is man enough to do the job.

If you do not want to go to the expense of a trolley bag but still want the space you won’t go far wrong with the ‘Drakes Pride’ range of bags, especially their ‘Midi Bags’. Check out our featured product on bags to see what you get for your money.

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