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Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride have been our most popular range of Bowls for the past 12 years!

Cheaper than all their rivals without compromising the quality.
An easy to understand four model rangeMade in the UK.

There are now a large number of Bowls models on the market, all with varying sizes and bias. Many bias charts are so chaotic they resemble a Heathrow runway! This is unhelpful for even the expert bowlers, let alone the beginner.

A lot of coloured “Pro50 Bowls” are always coming in. All “Bowls Wizard”, “Advatage and “XP Bowls” are to order from suppliers and are subject to a 16 week lead time. Bowls in stock are available within 2-3 days.

Thankfully then, Drakes Pride have kept it simple with an easy to understand four Bowl range. From the “XP” with a larger bias to the tighter line "Advantage" there is a Bowl that will suit everyone and every surface. We have also done our best to provide simple and clear advice on our range of bowls, helping you choose the perfect one for you.

How to choose the right Drakes Pride Bowls model for you XP – The largest bias Bowl in the range the XP is suited to the slower surfaces and therefore is predominantly classed as an outdoor Bowl (providing you believe in the traditional values of play)
PROFESSIONAL – Long Mat, Short Mat, Indoors and Out; this is the Bowl for all surfaces, end of
FINELINE – A slightly tighter running Bowl than the Professional, the Fineline generally suits the slightly quicker greens. We think this Bowl has the potential to be the biggest selling Bowl this Winter
ADVANTAGE – The tightest running Bowl in the range is ideal for any fast surface