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With honest advice from experienced Bowls players and competitive pricing, you know exactly what you're buying. Whether a beginner or an expert, you are sure to find the perfect weight, bias and size bowl for you in our refined range.

Crown Green and Level Green Bowls / Lawn Green Bowls

We stock a wide range of bowls from top manufacturers including Drakes Pride, Talor, Thomas Taylor, and Henselite.

Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride bowls are the choice of Crown Green and Level Green Bowlers worldwide. Drakes Pride are renowned manufacturers of high quality flat green bowls and jacks, and crown green bowls and jacks. Their flat green bowls range in the UK inlcudes Professional, d-tec, PRO-50, XP, and junior bowls ranges. We currently stock the Advantage bowls, coloured, and black, as well as the d-tec, Fineline, PRO-50, and XP bowls. You can shop for Drakes Pride bowls online or at our Whitehead Bowls shop in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Henselite Bowls

Henselite are also world-renowned manufacturers of high quality bowls, such as the Tiger TX, which is thought to be the narrowest drawing bowl in the Henselite UK range. Henselite bowls have some very practical and helpful features, such as the Ergo fit profile, and NEW MEGA grip to  maximise comfort and add precision. Other ranges of Bowls from Henselite include Classic and Classic TRL.  Whitehead Bowls currently stocks the Henselite Classic, Classic II, Tiger, Tiger Evo, Tiger II, Tiger Pro, and Tiger Blaze bowls. Customers can buy Henselite bowls from our online shop or from our physical store in Bridgwater Somerset.

Taylor Bowls

Taylor is another world renowned manufacturer of bowls with over 200 years of experience. Their lawn bowls range includes Ace, Junior Ace, vector, International, Legacy and Blaze Bowls. The popular Junior Ace bowls for example, which we stock, are designed to fits comfortably into a young person’s hand (At 3 7/8 ”) and its a great bowl for introducing children to the sport. Other Taylor Bowls that we stock include the Blaze, International, Lazer, and Lignoid Bowls. We also stock Taylors Scottish Carpet Bowls. For more information and helpful advice on choosing the right bowl to spend your money on, visit our blog.