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Thomas Taylor Bowls

Thomas Taylor offer a range of highly competitive lawn bowls made right here in the UK.

Despite having a slightly confusing range, Taylor Bowls are a highly competitive option. We’ve done our best to provide simple and helpful descriptions for both beginners and the experienced player so we can still sell the popular range you know well.

All coloured bowls are to be ordered from suppliers and if in stock are available in 2-3 days Bowls that need to be made aresubject to 4-6 week delivery time. All other bowls 2-5 day delivery timescale.

However, like Henselite a few years ago, Thomas Taylor have got three too many models on the market. Looking at the bias chart of the current Taylor models it does resemble the runway at Heathrow. This can only confuse Bowlers; especially the "beginners".

For example, in reality is there a significant difference between the "Blaze" and the "Ace" ? If you read the write up on the two models it reads as follows…

TAYLOR BLAZE – The draw is between the Vector and the Ace with a nice sweep at the end. Can be used for both indoors and outdoor surfaces.

TAYLOR ACE – Slightly wider drawing arc than the Vector VS with no hook at the finish. Recommended for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Both descriptions say they are wider than the Vector and both say they are suited to both indoor and outdoor use. The only difference is that one model has a sweep finish and the other does not. Apart from that would you say having a premier grip, crescent grip or a progrip make a huge difference? Questionable.

Yes, the size of a Bowl is important, but the main concern when it comes to buying new Bowls is the bias. When buying bowls with a new bias we recommend choosing one with a noticeable difference, not the very next one in the bias chart.

We are often asked to explain to Bowlers established and new to the game about the various aspects of the Bowls in the Taylor range and what difference they make. Needless to say by the time we have finished the majority are confused.